Midterm Checklist

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by Emilee Burroughs

With seven weeks down and only seven more to go, it can be easy to start slacking on schoolwork. Use out nifty checklist to stay on track.

 Plan your class schedule for next semester
It may feel like this semester will never end, but the last seven weeks go by really fast! Make an appointment with your advisor to discuss your classes for next semester. All of the classes being offered next semester are on Viking Web under the “Course Registration” tab. While you’re there, check to see what day and time you register. This information is under the “Pre-Registration Information” column on the right-hand side of the course registration page.

 Discuss with your roommate(s) where you guys want to live next year
Room registration will be here before you know it, so go ahead and figure out where you want to live next semester and who you want to room with. While room registration can feel stressful, you can minimize the stress by planning ahead. Make a list of places that you’d like to live. Having a back-up plan (or two) is always a good idea because sometimes you won’t get your first choice. If you don’t have a roommate lined up for next year, email Residence Life and ask them to get you in contact with other people looking for roommates.

 Keep up with your grades
This one seems obvious, but you’d be surprised how easy it is to let your grades slip simply by not keeping up with them. Ideally, your professors are posting grades on Viking Web, where you can check on them regularly. And even professors who aren’t keeping their gradebook on Viking Web post midterm progress reports for each students. In the Grades/Transcripts section of your Viking Web page, you can see if any of your professors have indicated that either your attendance or your academic performance are of concern. If you’re struggling in a class or not performing the way you’d like to, your first course of action should be to drop by your professor’s office during office hours to talk about your concerns. Being proactive about your grades now can ensure that your final grades are good.

 Apply to summer jobs and internships
If you haven’t thought about your plans for this summer, you really should do that now. Check out our “Summer Success” blog for tips on planning an awesome summer.

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