How You Doing?

By Emilee Burroughs

Congratulations, you’ve made it through the first seven weeks of the semester! Pat yourself on the back and then buckle in for the next seven. But before you do, check your midterm progress status. Unlike last fall, when your professors posted actual grades for each of your courses, in the spring professors are simply asked to address two questions:

  1. Is attendance a concern?
  2. Is this student at risk for making a C- or lower in your class?

Even if you are sure of your standing in all of your classes, it’s a good idea to confirm that your professors see things the same way. To find this information, go to the “Grades/Transcripts” page under the “Students” tab on Viking Web. On the right-hand side of the screen you will find “Current Mid-Term Progress Alert Status.” There’s a chart that lists each of your classes and lets you know if you are at risk of getting a C- or lower or if you have attendance issues.

If you’re in good academic standing and your midterm grades are looking good, way-to-go!

But if you’re struggling in a class, take a deep breath, and make a plan to get back on track. Start by contacting your professor to set up a time to meet and discuss whatever is going on. You may have already been contacted by the Academic Success Center, First-Year Experience Office or your academic advisor recommending resources such as a consultation with an Academic Consultant or tutoring through the ASC or Math Success Center.  Remember that you are paying for these services; let them help you succeed.

Sometimes it takes a poor performance on a  first test or paper to understand what’s expected of you. And some semesters can be way more challenging than others: maybe you’re taking a lot of hours, or you’re enrolled in classes that you don’t find engaging.  Sometimes you just have a lot going on in your life and haven’t given your full attention to academics. Midterm is a good point to assess how you’re doing, get the help you need, and adjust your strategies so that you can enjoy the last half of the semester.


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