In the second keynote, the director of the Anythink library system spoke about their success in becoming a catalyst for change in their community. The way that they are a catalyst for change is that they are anchored in the idea of creating experiences.  Each experience is very intentionally and purposefully structured to meet a need in their community.  One of their main focuses is to help people learn and be successful.

Over and over again, they emphasized the importance of the library as a meeting space for their community.  How can you use your space to create experiences for your community?  The book The Art of Gathering: How we meet and why it matters by Priya Parker was highly recommended.  They used #MyPlaceTo as a marketing campaign.

One of the changes that they made as they were beginning to renovate was to purposefully organize things where people can find them.  They wanted to “give people the power to discover their own books.”  Could we do something similarly with our collections to make them easier to use for our users?

When they hire, they focus on values and competencies.  They look for people who love working with people and are optimistic and creative.  One of their interview questions is “What makes you happy?”

A couple of quotes that made me think were:

  • “We open doors for curious minds.”
  • “If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together.” – African Proverb


Reinventing Anythink: Catalyst for Innovation – Keynote Summary
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