This keynote address was presented by Dan Ulman, one of the founders of and LiveStrong.

He defined communities as the lifeblood of humanity, but claimed that there is a disconnect between technological connectedness and real community connectedness.  There is a difference between a community and a crowd.  In a crowd, each person is trying to get ahead of someone else.  But in a community, everyone must work together to succeed.  So, how do we build community?  Here are some points that stand out to me.

  • “Just do something.” People have a hard time asking for help.  We have a responsibility to help those who are going through the same thing.  This is “obligation of the cured” and is a quote from an oncologist.
  • People are looking for a community.  They want to be surrounded by people who understand the journey.   They want to participate in a long-standing community that allows them to accomplish something that they cannot accomplish alone and provides a constant routine where you can feel a part of something bigger.
  • People want to share their story.  All you need to do is ask.
  • Fear of failure stifles creativity.  No one remembers the failures.
  • If you can provide someone a personal benefit, it drives activity and consistency rises over time.
Unlocking the Power of Community – Keynote Summary
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