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Victor Bissonnette
Resources for the Learning and Teaching of Statistics and Behavioral Science
Canvas @ BC
Michael Papazian
Professor of Philosophy, Berry College
Matthew G. Stanard
Professor of History, Berry College
Dr. Zachary P. Taylor
Assistant Professor, Berry College
Kirsten Taylor
Professor of Government and International Studies, Berry College
Christy Jo Snider
Associate Professor of History, Berry College
Christopher B. Mowry, Ph.D.
Dr. Truong Le
Dr. Alice H. Suroviec
Associate Professor of Chemistry at Berry College
David Fry Slade
Dr. Martin L. Cipollini
Dana Professor of Biology
Todd Timberlake
physics, astronomy, history, philosophy, and computers
Berry Center for Integrity in Leadership
Wilson Mixon
John Grout
The David C. Garrett Professor of Business Administration
Zahava Wilstein
Zahava Wilstein's Webpage
ABC Project
Agricultural Biodiversity Conservation
Dr. Dominic F. Qualley
Dexter's Laboratory
Investigating contextual factors influencing the development of young children, especially those at-risk for atypical developmental trajectories
Kyle C. Caires, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Animal Science
Dr. Jennifer T. Hoyt
Assistant Professor of Latin American History
Biology Teaching Greenhouse
Berry College Biology Department's collection of interesting educational plant specimens
John H. Graham
Reid Professor of Biology at Berry College
Kevin R. Hoke, PhD
Associate Professor of Inorganic Chemistry
Thomas D Kennedy
Renee E. Carleton, DVM, PhD
Associate Professor -- Biology
Dr. Eric McDowell
Professor of Mathematics
Gary Breton