To Kingdom Come Soundtrack by Various Artists

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To Kingdom Come presents the multi-generational relationship between General Electric and the Rome community. The story is told from the unique and diverse perspectives of the earliest employees of the Rome GE transformer plant, local riverkeepers who battled GE over the dumping of harmful pollutants, and scientific and medical experts.

The film is a community project, co-produced by Dr. Brian Campbell of Berry College and CRBI, with contributions from Berry College students and alumni, Georgia Highlands faculty, Austen Earp Productions, and an array of local musicians, including the Barbaric Yawps and Little Country Giants. This soundtrack is a hauntingly beautiful musical compilation of blues and folk tunes, which provides an appropriate backdrop for this fascinatingly frustrating tale of Southern hospitality meeting Yankee ingenuity and disregard.


  Soundtrack released October 21, 2019

1. “I’m Troubled” by Doc Watson (1963) performed live by the Barbaric Yawps
2. “I Will Always Be Around” (2016) by the Little Country Giants
3. “Hard Time Killing Floor Blues” by Skip James (1965) performed live by Jeremy Wells
4. “Fireball Rocket Ride (I Saw Them Fly)” by Clint Dillard, performed by Clint Dillard, Carey Durham, Thomas Ryan
5. “Ode to Billie Joe” by Bobbie Gentry (1967) performed live by Kindred Fire
6. “When the Levee Breaks” by Kansas Joe McCoy and Memphis Minnie (1929)
7. “Death Letter Blues” by Son House (1965) performed live by Jeremy Guider and Joel Keene
­­­­­­­­8. “Cows & Wire” by David Bell
9. “16 Tons” by Merle Travis (1947) performed by Julia Barnes and Tom Bavis
10. “The Crawdad Song” performed live by Turkey Boots (Jon Carleton, Jill Davis and John Graham)
11. “Bull Doze Blues” by Henry Thomas (1928) courtesy of The Viper Label.
12. “Esom Hill” by the Barbaric Yawps


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