Monument to colonial pioneers, Mechelen/Malines, Belgium
Monument to colonial pioneers, Mechelen/Malines, Belgium

I am Professor of History at Berry College (Mount Berry, Ga., USA), where I have been teaching since 2006. I received my Ph.D. in Modern European History from Indiana University-Bloomington where I worked with the late William B. Cohen. I live in Rome, Georgia, with my wife Noemi and our two sons Marlon and Ivan. 

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Decolonising Europe? Popular Responses to the End of Empire offers a new paradigm to understand decolonization in Europe, showing it was a fluid process of fluxes and refluxes involving not only transfers of populations, ideas, and sociocultural practices across continents but also complex intra-European dynamics at a time of political convergence following the Treaty of Rome.  The revised meaning of “decolonization” that emerges challenges scholars in several fields. The question mark in the title asks not only how European cultures experienced the “end of empire” but also the extent to which this is still a work in progress.


The Leopard, the Lion, and the Cock: Colonial Memories and Monuments in Belgium.

Leuven University Press, 2019

“Stanard has tabulated 443 statues, busts, monuments, plaques, and Belgian street names honoring events in colonial history, or Belgian soldiers, missionaries, and officials who worked in the Congo. . . . Statues and monuments express honor and legitimacy.  Stanard, the author of an interesting earlier book on Belgian colonial propaganda and a well-informed scholar of imperialism, fully knows how much its legitimacy is questioned today.” Adam Hochschild

“This book is timely and will certainly be a useful contribution to the public debate. It presents, for the first time, an impressive overview of the colonial remnants in the Belgian land- and cityscape.” Guy Vanthemsche, VUB


European Overseas Empire, 1879-1999: A Short History. Wiley, 2018.

Thousands of years of recorded history show that the main way in which human societies have been organized is as empires. Today, the evidence of recent European overseas empire’s lasting effects is all around us: from international frontiers and fusion cuisine to multiplying apologies for colonial misdeeds. European Overseas Empire, 1879-1999: A Short History explores the major events in this critical period that continue to inform and affect our world today.


Selling the Congo: A History of European Pro-Empire Propaganda and the Making of Belgian Imperialism. University of Nebraska Press, 2011

A “fascinating history of Belgium’s 20th-century colonial culture.” (The Wall Street Journal, 3/12/12)

Available in paperback at Univ. of Nebraska Press and amazon.com.


European Empires and the People: Popular Responses to Imperialism in France, Britain, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Italy. With John M. MacKenzie (editor), Giuseppe Finaldi, Bernhard Gissibl, Vincent Kuitenbrouwer, Berny Sèbe. Manchester University Press, 2011

European Empires and the People is available in paperback and hardcover at amazon.com and Manchester University Press.


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