Selected Publications

Invited Review Articles

Harper, A. and Anderson, M.R.; “Electrochemical Glucose Sensors—Developments Using Electrostatic Assembly and Carbon Nanotubes for Biosensor Construction.” Sensors 2010, 10, 8248-8274.

Invited Book Chapters

“Layer-by-Layer Assembly of Glucose Oxidase on Carbon Nanotube Modified Electrodes.” A. H. Suroviec. Enzyme Stabilization and Immobilization: Methods and Protocols, Second Edition. Shelley D. Minteer, Eds.; Methods in Molecular Biology Vol 1504; Springer Publishing; New York, 2016.

“Polypyrrole/Aluminum Flake Hybrid Pigments for Corrosion Inhibition of Aluminum 2024” Chris Vetter*, Xiaoning Qi, Alice C. Harper, Subramanyam V. Kasisomayajula, Victoria Johnston Gelling, Self – Healing Properties of New Surface Treatments. Lorenzeo Fedrizzi, ed.

“Polypyrrole/Aluminum Flake Hybrid Pigments as Corrosion Inhibitors of Aluminum 2024.” Chris Vetter*, Katherine Gohmann*, Alice C. Harper and Victoria J. Gelling, ACS Symposium Series, Volume 1050, Chapter 11. Jamil Baghdachi and Theodore Provder eds.

Peer – Reviewed Articles

Breton, G. W.; Suroviec, A. H. “Intermediacy of Persistent Urazole Radical and an Electrophilic Diazenium Species in the Acid-Catalyzed Reaction of MeTAD with Anisole.” Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2016, 81, 206.

 Suroviec, Alice H. “Effect of SAM Chain Length on Mediated Amperometric Detection of Glucose.” ECS Trans., 2015, 64, 34.

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*Student Researcher