In my lab we are interested in the development of novel amperometric biosensors.  There

Alice Harper Suroviec

B.S. Allegheny College
PhD. Virginia Tech

Curriculum Vita

Research Projects:
Development of Cholesterol Biosensors
Organophosphate Biosensors
Effect of SAM Length on Michaelis Menten Kinetics

Recent Group Members:
Jessica Crumbley (graduate student Auburn)
Tyler McCaslin (graduate student Georgia Tech)
Esther Cho (Yeoman in the Navy)
Chase Clark (R&D Technician Deerland Enzymes)
Becca Cochran (graduate student Texas Tech)
Shanna Price (graduate student UCF)
Tyler Renyolds (Lab Technician Renmatix)
Koty Swanson (graduate student UNC)