In my lab we are interested in the development of novel amperometric biosensors.  There


Alice Harper Suroviec

B.S. Allegheny College
PhD. Virginia Tech

Curriculum Vita

Professional Affiliations
American Chemical Society
Society for Electroanalytical Chemists
Electrochemical Society

Research Projects:
Development of Cholesterol Biosensors
Organophosphate Biosensors
Effect of SAM Length on Michaelis Menten Kinetics

Recent Group Members:
Jessica Crumbley (graduate student Auburn)
Tyler McCaslin (graduate student Georgia Tech)
Esther Cho (Yeoman in the Navy)
Chase Clark (R&D Technician Deerland Enzymes)
Becca Cochran (graduate student Texas Tech)
Shanna Price (graduate student UCF)
Tyler Renyolds (Lab Technician Renmatix)
Koty Swanson (graduate student UNC)