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Cardi B

Interesting Vox article on how Cardi B works hard for her shmoney.  It sadly didn’t try to connect Cardi B to any female artists beyond Beyonce.  Perhaps if Constance Grady had looked back a bit further to the 1970s or 1980s could have made connections between Cardi B with someone like Madonna or Donna Summer, both of whom have more relevance to understanding Cardi B than do comparisons with her contemporaries.  Grady has plenty of other stories, however, that make some great historical/modern day connections.

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Led Zeppelin Not Guilty of Stealing ‘Stairway’ Rift

Jimmy Page and Robert Plant were found not guilty of stealing the guitar rift for Stairway to Heaven from the song Taurus by Spirit. There probably is enough difference that you can’t PROVE their guilt, but it is pretty darn similar. I’ve linked to Taurus so you can judge for yourself.

Source: The Latest: Led Zeppelin thankful ‘Stairway’ rift is settled

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