The Resources

Graphic Syllabus

Piktochart – Service to make graphic syllabi or infographics.  You can make 5 resources for free after that there is a yearly fee.  Here are a couple of examples I’ve made, one is from my U.S. Women’s History class and the other is from my U.S. survey course – The Foundations of Modern America.

Classroom Engagement

JeopardyLabs – Online  jeopardy template that allows you to enter questions and answers into the program for play in-class.  I’ve used it as a means to engage students with out-of-class readings and break-up a standard seminar style discussion.  You can see my Jeopardy Board for the historiography readings on Marxism.

Foundations Timeline – Uses timeline content type that allows you to build a chronological sequence of events. For each event, you may add images and texts, including assets from Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo, Google Maps and SoundCloud.  I created this one for my HIS 120: Foundations of Modern America Class.

Dominion of New England Maps – Uses  an H5P. com image blender (Agamotto) to easily demonstrate changes on maps or images.  I’ve created one to show New England colonies before, during, and after the Dominion of New England.

Patriotic Ladies at Edenton in North Carolina – Uses Image Hotspots content type to  add information pop-ups to images.  This is an excellent tool for explaining political cartoons and other complex images.

Associate Professor of History, Berry College