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An important aspect of seed saving is seed exchange. The mission of ABC Program is not only to save seeds but to exchange or give free seeds to the community. The protection of heirloom seeds varieties in seed banks is important, but it is even more important to share seeds. It is only through the planting and proliferation of seed varieties that people can benefit from the nutrition of said seeds. If you decide to save seeds, find a seed-swap that will take place near you. Seed swaps are the best way for you to share your varieties as well as gain new seed varieties to add to your garden. Since 2014, Dr. Campbell and students involved with the ABC Project have partnered with Keep Rome Floyd Beautiful, the Floyd County Master Gardeners, and Action Ministries Rome to sponsor the Floyd County Seed Exchange. This seed swap is held in the spring at the Rome Community Library.

Seed Swaps can lead not only to the proliferation of seed varieties, but also to the development of a agrobiodiversity-conscious community. Seed-swaps allow those who love plants and gardening to gather together to trade both seeds and stories and can be a great community builder. Many heirloom varieties have a special connection to a certain family and may even be named after a family member. Heirloom varieties may also have a regional cultural significance to those who chose to grow and preserve them. Through seed exchange, people can share the stories behind their seeds with those who wish to trade with them, making that variety all the more significant. Seed exchanges can also allow people to rediscover crops that they grew up with or that their parent or grandparents used to grow but have since lost and wish to grow again. Seed exchanges can connect with the human aspect of agrobiodiversity conservation in which a plant is a part of history as well as a part of the environment.

The 3rd Annual Floyd County Seed Swap flyer

Brian Campbell and enviromental studies students host a seed swap at the Rome Library
Dr. Brian Campbell swapping seeds with a participant at the first annual Floyd County Seed Swap
Dr. Campbell giving a lecture on the ABC Project and the importance of seed exchange at the second annual Floyd County Seed Swap.
Berry College Environmental Studies Students making an account of seeds donated at the 2016 Floyd County Seed Swap.
Berry College Environmental Studies Students making an account of seeds donated at the 2016 Floyd County Seed Swap.
Berry students set up a station to swap heirloom seeds from the ABC Project seed lab with participants at the Floyd County Seed Swap. Pictured: Victoria DeMarco and Jonah Campbell

4 thoughts on “Seed Exchange

  1. Shirley Ledbetter

    Would love to know when next event..a returned resident after19years n wanting to garden

    • Campbell, Brian

      The Fifth Annual Floyd County Seed Swap will be held at the Chieftains Museum some time in February. We also have informal gardening activities at the Bagwell Food Pantry Gardens on the First Monday of each month in the evening, the last two hours of light. Berry College students are usually present working in the gardens and interacting with the public. You can gain experience and sometimes plants and seeds at these events.

      Thanks for your interest and welcome back!

  2. Becky Wilson

    Do you take donations? I would send some if you do.

    • Campbell, Brian

      You can send a donation to the Berry College ABC Project by going to this website,

      Be sure to note that the donations should go to support our project. Thank you for your support. All donations are tax-deductible.

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