BIO 106 Biological Diversity

BIO 106  Biological Diversity                                                                                   3-2-4

Evolutionary relationships of major taxonomic groups—bacteria, protozoans, fungi, plants, and animals. Conservation of endangered species and communities. Laboratory includes collection and study of organisms on the Berry College Campus.

Course Description

This course introduces the science of systematics, and the concepts of evolution and species. Lectures include a broad overview of the earth’s biota. At the same time, students survey the organisms of Berry College’s campus. The final part of the course introduces the budding science of conservation biology, including extinction, endangered species, and the ethics of preserving biodiversity.

The course is divided into four parts:

I.   Introduction
II.  Evolution
III. Life on Earth
IV. Conservation Biology


Allena Stevens and David Crook identify birds in BIO 106.
Photo by Kevin Qualls, Rome News-Tribune, 20 October 1998.


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