BIO 345 Evolutionary Biology

BIO 345  Evolutionary Biology                                                                                 3-3-4

Introduction to evolutionary processes and the history of evolutionary thought.  Emphasis is on Darwinian theory of natural selection, evolutionary genetics, macroevolution, and tempo and mode of evolution.  PR: BIO 204.



Swallow-tail Gull (Creagrus furcatus), a Galapagos endemic (photo courtesy of Dena Mullen)

Course Description

Introduction to the theory and process of evolution.  The course covers the historical development of the subject, with readings in the primary literature, including Darwin, Lamarck, Malthus, Cuvier, and Wallace.  It also covers population genetics models, which form the theoretical and mathematical basis for later empirical work in evolutionary biology.  Topics include natural selection, the NeoDarwinian Synthesis, population genetics models, quantitative genetics models, molecular evolution, adaptation, developmental instability, speciation, cladistics, macroevolution, and human evolution.

Last Updated 5 August 2015