Wildflowers (by season)


Fields, Lawns, and other Disturbed Habitats

Spring Wildflowers

  • Ornithogalum umbellatum (Star of Bethlehem)
  • Claytonia virginica (Spring-Beauty)
  • Stellaria media (Common Chickweed)
  • Cerastium vulgatum (Mouse-ear Chickweed)
  • Ranunculus abortivus (Small-flowered Buttercup)
  • Cardamine hirsuta (Bitter Cress)
  • Cardamine pensylvanica (Pennsylvania Bitter Cress)
  • Trifolium repens (Clover)
  • Medicago arabica (Spotted Medick)
  • Oxalis sp. (Wood Sorrel)
  • Viola hirsutula (Southern Wood Violet)
  • Houstonia pusilla (Small Bluets)
  • Glechoma hederaceae (Ground-Ivy)
  • Lamium amplexicaule (Henbit)
  • Lamium purpureum (Purple Dead-Nettle)
  • Salvia lyrata (Sage)
  • Veronica filiformis (Slender Speedwell)
  • Sherardia arvensis (Blue Field Madder)
  • Taraxacum officinale (Common Dandelion)

This page is under construction.  Summer and Fall wildflowers will follow.  The flowering plants on this page are commonly found on the lawns of the Main Campus and the Mountain Campus.  Many are exotic species.

Last Updated 6 August 2015