BIO 204 Genetics

BIO 204  Genetics                                                                                                    3-3-4

Basic genetic concepts, including classical Mendelian inheritance, population genetics, and molecular concept of gene action.  Plant, animal, and human genetics are emphasized.  PR: Grade of C or better in BIO 111 and BIO 112.


Course Description

This course covers each of the four main areas of genetics: transmission genetics, molecular genetics, cytogenetics, and population genetics. Lecture topics include Mendelian inheritance, chromosome theory of inheritance, linkage, mutation, chromosome structure and number, bacterial and viral genetics, DNA, nature of the gene, recombinant DNA technology, quantitative genetics, population genetics, and evolutionary genetics.  The laboratories include transmission genetics of the fruitfly, linkage in Sordaria, quantitative inheritance, gene cloning, DNA electrophoresis, and polymerase chain reaction.

Last Updated 5 August 2015