Greetings.  I am an associate professor and a social psychologist in the psychology department at Berry College.

I am also interested in the teaching and learning of basic research methodology and statistics in the behavioral sciences.  I have developed a number of resources that students and teachers might find useful:

  • Statistical Tables.  Statistical tables vary from textbook to textbook.  So, I have found it useful to create my own statistical tables, which students use in my class while doing homework and while taking exams.
  • Comprehensive Statistical Software.  I have developed a comprehensive statistical software package called, Stats Homework.  It is free to use, very easy to use, and is specifically designed to help students learn statistics.
  • Statistical Spreadsheets.  These are very simple spreadsheets that can be used to analyze data from problems found in an introductory statistics course.

Contact Me:

Victor Bissonnette, Ph.D.
Charter School of Education and Human Sciences
Berry College
P.O. Box 495019
Mt. Berry, GA 30149-5019
(706) 290-2154


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