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Stats Homework is a Java program.  There are two ways to run SHW on your PC.  First, if your system already has Java JRE 1.8 installed on it, you can download and run the the the self-contained .jar package (click here).  This is a relatively small file that contains only the code for the Stats Homework program.

For all others, you should download and run one of the installer packages below.  These contain both the SHW program and all the Java run-time files need to run SHW on your PC.  These installer packages will install all the files onto your computer and make it easy for you to run Stats Homework.  You must have a 64-bit computer to run these packages (if you have a 32-bit computer, click here).

Current Version: 8.2.2020


Installation package: click here to download installer

Once you download and unpack the .zip file, just double-click the installation program.  The installer will place the program and it’s supporting files in the directory: C:\Program Files\Stats_Homework.  It will also place a shortcut for Stats Homework on your desktop.


Installation package: click here to download installer

You will need to convince your Mac to run Stats Homework even though you did not download it from the Apple App Store.  Here is the solution that I had to use to get the downloaded installation package to run on my Mac.


Installation package: click here to download installer

The installer will place Stats Homework in the directory: /opt/stats-homework/.  The executable file will be found in the directory: /opt/stats-homework/bin.  The installer also adds a shortcut to the “Other” menu on my Linux Mint system.


If you have any trouble downloading or running Stats Homework on your computer, please contact me at: I would be glad to help you, and in the process, I will learn more about how to package this software in the future to make it easier to install.

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