Statistical Spreadsheets


Just the Basics

I created these spreadsheets for students who have difficulty installing Java and running the Stats Homework package.  This ensures that all students have free, user-friendly software for double-checking their hand-written work.  These files are in MS Excel ® format, and you should be able to open them with a variety of different spreadsheet programs.  Each present cells where the student enters a very small data set, and a table that displays the results of the statistical analysis.  For example, here is the spreadsheet that computes descriptive statistics:

One of the benefits of this approach is that students can investigate the formulas used to compute the statistics and get an appreciation for how easy it is to do basic statistics with a spreadsheet.  Students and instructors are free to modify these sheets.

This archive includes spreadsheets for descriptive statistics, T tests, one-factor ANOVAs, correlation and regression, goodness-of-fit tests, and contingency table tests.

Last update: 4/14/2020:

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